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We make a child's dream of playing a sport come true. 



 I would like to take a few moments of your time to explain what Tillie's Touch means to me.


   Let me introduce myself as Dale Johnson; I am the founding father of Tillie's Touch. This new organization's purpose is to assist in making a child's dream of playing a sport possible. Tillie's Touch will provide the necessary equipment for any child when the family is unable to do so.  My inspiration to start such a program came from being active in my area's youth sports program.  As a coach, I would see children come to games without proper footwear or children showing up for practice without any equipment.  I soon realized something needed to be done for these children.

   When I was young, sports provided an escape from whatever else was going on in my life.  Based upon my experience with youth sports I have very positive memories of my childhood. Our children need recreational sports. Playing a sport helps our young people to be more active, builds confidence and raises their self-esteem; not to mention physical activity helps to address an epidemic that is sweeping our country, childhood obesity.

   Our goal of supplying every child with safe sports equipment can only be achieved by generous donations from our local businesses, families and you!  Please take a look around your house, how much sports equipment, balls, cleats, etc. do you have that your family has outgrown and barely used?  Tillie's Touch is actively seeking any monetary donations or gently used athletic equipment. Your donations fulfill a child's dream to participate in a sport they otherwise would not be able to play.

       Since the inception of the organization in 2009, Tillie’s Touch has also found that there is a strong need for school supplies that some families in the area just cannot afford. As a result of this Tillie’s Touch has extended its reach to not only sporting equipment, but school supplies as well. Each August, we organize a school supply give away for local children and their families. An average of 400 back packs filled with school supplies are given away to children in the local community during a youth day picnic.  Our goal is to supply the children in the area with the proper supplies, be it for sports or school, in order for them to have the opportunity to participate and succeed in life!






Without our supporters we would not be able to make as much of an impact on the lives of children in Central New York. For that reason, we want to send a heart filled thank you to all of our supporters.

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